Kanban Systems Design in Prague

Your start to the 2017 Agile Lean Europe Conference

Just a couple of days before the Agile Lean Europe Conference hits Prague, this training will give you the basis to have deep and meaningful discussions about better ways of working in our modern changing world.

You want to know more?

In this 2 day Training you’ll experience principles and practices that are the foundation of the kanban method.

lku-120px together, we will experience practical and theoretical perspectives of: visualization of knowledge work, limiting WiP, push vs. pull systems, flow of work and continuous improvement. by the end of day 2, you’ll have mastered one of the most effective methods of change – Evolutionary Change Management that you can apply from the start of the next day.

topics covered:

  • practices and principles of the kanban method
  • techniques to visualize creative work
  • usage and understanding the value of WiP-Limits
  • differences between pull- and push systems
  • designing concrete kanban systems
  • finding bottlenecks
  • using diverse kinds of feedback in your company
  • practical examples of the kanban method at work
  • different classes of service and how to treat them
  • loads of tips & tricks to successfully start with kanban

This training is especially liked by managers, project leads, decision makers and all people that want to optimize their organization in a systemic way. the training also brings new insights to people that have implemented kanban before, and don’t know if their kanban system is still state of the art.

Language: English