Looking for the highest quality Scrum training in Switzerland led by an experienced trainer? Then you have come to the right place. Since 2008 I have helped more than 15 teams/departments across 8 organizations adopt Scrum and trained 500+ people.

Therefore my Scrum trainings are based on real experience in a variety of settings ranging from Startups to Enterprise Environments. In the following section you will find the mostpopular Scrum training andworkshops. Please contact me should you not find what you are looking for:

Scrum Introduction, 1 day

In the one day course we cover the basics of Scrum through a combination of theory and extensive exercises. Participants learn the Scrum values, roles, ceremonies and artifacts and how Scrum done right can help you deliver more value with higher quality. The 1 day course is popular among those who are going to participate in a Scrum team, leadership groups or those who are considering implementing Scrum.

Language: German or English

Scrum Introduction, 2 days

The 2 day course includes the content of 1 day training but gives us the chance to explore the principles of Scrum at deeper levels and include more of the participant’s own context. We dive into more advanced subjects like Release Planning, Quality Built In, Distributed Scrum and Continuous Improvement as well as the chance to play Lego and Story Map games that show the Scrum principles in action. The 2 day course is popular among those who are going to  lead a Scrum initiative, Scrum Masters, Scrum Teams or decision makers who need to understand the deeper levels Scrum.

Language: German or English

Scrum Product Owner, 2 days

Being a good Scrum Product Owner is arguably the hardest and most important aspect of successful product development using Scrum. Despite this fact the Product Owner role remains one of the most overlooked disciplines and often people are asked to do the job without the time, resources or skills necessary. In this The 2 day course we dive into the complex domain of the Product Owner and what it takes to become successful in this role. Tools, tips and tricks are introduced through a combination of theory and exercises.  Topics include Product Visions, Story Maps, Release Planning, Portfolio Management and value driven development as well as the basics of Sprint Planning, Backlog Grooming and writing good user stories.

The 2 day Product Owner course is popular among existing Product Owners, Product Owners to be as well as leadership functions who need to to be aware of the systemic changes that follow a transition to Agile development.

You should note that very limited time is spent on the foundation of Scrum so if you are new to Scrum in general it is recommended to study the basics first or participate in introductory courses before attending this session.decisions.

Language: German or English

Scrum Kickstart, 5 days

Even with a 2 day introduction getting started with Scrum can prove a difficult exercise. With a Scrum kickstart you get to benefit from years of experience getting teams and departments up and running. The Kickstart consists of:

  • 1 or 2 day Scrum introduction training course for up to 18 people
  • Offsite help getting the backlog ready for the first sprint and roles in place
  • 1 day Scrum kickstart workshop where we make the last preparations for the Sprint and facilitate the Sprint Planning Session. This includes setting a sprint goal, breaking down user stories, planning poker estimation and finally making the commitment.
  •  4 half-day follow ups after the first sprint. This includes evaluating the sprint demo session, facilitating the retrospectives and evaluating the Sprint Planning session for the second  and third sprints.
This is one of the most popular  Scrum products and the one that consistently receive the highest ratings from attendees.
Language: German or English


Scrum Inspiration, 1/2 Day

If you are unsure if Scrum is the perfect fit in your organization or just want to know what all the fuss is about a 1/2 day Scrum inspiration is the way to find out. We won’t get into the deeper levels of the Scrum principles but we will cover the main principles and you will learn what Scrum is and why it has become such a popular way of implementing Agile software development.

Language: German or English